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Sexy: an alternative perspective (Photojournalism)


"Sexy" aims to increase our appreciation for women beyond the surface; beyond the shapes of their bodies, the length of their hair, or the complexion of their skin. A literal definition of "sexy" includes words like attractive, appealing, and exciting, each of which stretches far beyond the surface. We'll likely be remembered for the accumulation of our character, habits, interests, ambitions, and the energy we share with each other. In essence, we'll be remembered by the things that make each of us unique, and these things deserve our utmost respect, appreciation, and admiration.    

From my observations and conversations with female friends, I think too many women are pressured, by outside forces, that include social media, TV, friends, popular-culture, and cheap attention, to publicly project themselves in sexual ways. When our actions are decided purely or primarily by the expectations that others have for us, we lose a sense of self. 

Hopefully this project can also help bring consciousness to the thin line, but very big difference, between genuinely expressing oneself - and displaying for the attention and or approval of others. Bringing consciousness to the issue results in mind-expansion and raised consciousness, which gives individuals the ability to consciously choose & express themselves in a manner they, not society, sees fit, and ultimately creating more individual freedom and appreciation.


Photo Themes

1. The lifestyle images depict women in active roles that in someway define and or contribute to who they are. The subjects are in familiar places doing familiar activities. The places and or activities in the photos highlight one or a combination of their individual stories, interests, hobbies, passions, and creations. Thus, promoting admiration and appreciation for the things that tell our stories.

2. The black and white portraits represent the power of projection; the idea that one can project and evoke ideas, thoughts, emotions, curiosity, and feelings through natural expressions, the energy they share, and their demeanor. A woman's smile can brighten a day, or heighten a mood. Expressions of stoicism can strengthen the weary. Sometimes the mysterious; attract us the most, they spark our curiosity, they leave us wanting to know more about what's beyond the surface. Each portrait embodies characteristics that are unique to each subject - sexy is authenticity.

3. The mixed-media portraits feature acrylic paint on canvas. The idea is that even with most of a woman's body covered, our minds will still wonder. We'll fill in the blanks, imagining what are among the things unseen. Our curiosity is the catalyst for interest. The portraits are symbolic of the classic phrase "leave something to the imagination".